Dawn and Joe Manzi met in 1984 while Dawn was working for Mid Island Animal Hospital and Joe was working as a salesman for his families veterinary pharmaceutical business, Lawrence Laboratories. They were married in 1986, have two children, Jade and Joseph, one dog, Elle, Grandpuppy Olive and a horse, Fawny.

While working independently, they saw many opportunities to establish themselves in the pet field, catering to the many needs of breeders, trainers and pet parents. Determined to learn more, in 1989 Dawn partnered with a veteran in the pet business and opened Pet Stop in Plainview while Joe expanded his families business to include many of the pet products that he felt would appeal to the numerous dog and cat breeders in our area.  A few years later in 1992, Total Pet Care was created. Joe, Dawn (and newborn), Jade’s weekends were spent traveling to local dog shows, selling goods, introducing themselves and getting to know their new customers.  They continued expanding product lines and eventually grew out of the little building on the dead end block they called home for so many years. In 1999 they moved the business to its current location, wondering how they were going to be able to fill the space! Total Pet Care encompasses a wholesale and retail pet food and supply business, a dog training facility, Dog Works, a Grooming Salon, Curl up and Dry and is also host to many different events and other services. They pride themselves on educating and pampering their staff and customers.