The staff are extremely polite and a pleasure to deal with! They are smiling and helpful every time I visit, even if I make it in just before closing time. The prices cannot be matched, even by Petco!! I lived closer to Total Pet Care until two years ago, but I still think it’s worth the trip!!

Nancy B. (Yelp Review)
We are here every 3 to 4 weeks since moving to Patchogue from Brooklyn in April of 2016..  I love this store and try to shop here over any of the big box chains any day.  Their staff is nice, they have all the products I want to buy for my two dogs and cat for the most part.  And the fact that they have other services as well, dog training and grooming. Love it.  🙂
Christina B. (Yelp Review)
So glad I found this place. What an amazing variety and so well stocked on high quality brands. Great prices. Will definitely be shopping here for my babies more often.
Diane R. (Facebook Review)

Joe is a great guy and truly cares about your pets. It’s worth the trip to check out his store. If he doesn’t have it – he’ll get it.

Margaret K. (Facebook Review)

Great place for unique items. Really big and always nice customer service. Great prices as well as we get a giant bag of dog food from there. Consistently here.

Brian T. (Yelp Review)

Travel out of my way from Wading River…worth the trip in savings…everyone cares there, great staff…

Debbie L. (Facebook Review)

Just took my 11week old puppy, Cody to the puppy kindergarten class…so fun.. can’t wait to go back! Highly rec 🙂

Christine M. (Facebook Review)

These people are fantastic! They really care about your animals and educate everyone on different foods of all price ranges. My two labs LOVE going to pick up a bag of kibble, a new toy/bone or a new leash (they have a great selection). The staff always carries the bag out for us. Next door is a great training facility for all levels of obedience and competition. I come from Middle Island to shop there and it’s worth the trip!

Monica F. (Yelp Review)

Our mini Aussie started showing some early signs of aggression which progressed from him barking at people we passed, to him biting our neighbor. He is otherwise an extremely cuddly and loving boy, so we wanted to correct this behavior before it became something we couldn’t resolve. I was able to make a one-on-one training session less than a week after calling and am SO glad I did. The animal behaviorist spent two hours not only teaching correction methods to our dog, but teaching us how to incorporate them into our daily schedules and allowing us to try what she was instructing. She listened, answered all of our questions and concerns, and believe it or not we could see a significant change in our dog’s behavior right before our eyes. We weren’t goaded into group sessions or expensive leashes and what not like the other facilities I inquired to had recommended. This was a great decision for our dog! Her methods made sense and were catered to our dogs individuality, not just a broad spectrum approach. I am so confident that our dog will be successful with these methods, and really enjoyed the whole experience. I plan on scheduling a follow up if for nothing else but to show off our little man’s new skills!!!

Jackie L. (Yelp Review)

Great staff, even better priced! Love the variety, and my dogs favorite treat we cant find anywhere else! (the smoked jerkey and sausage)

Jennifer S. (Facebook Review)

They are so helpful and carry everything your dog or cat needs. Love this place. Staff goes the next mile to help and so knowledgeable. Plus they have a terrific rewards program!

Liz L. (Yelp Review)

We Love, Love this store. My sister won a gift basket at a raffle years ago and we came here to pick it up and have been fans ever since, especially our Golden Retriever!♥ They offer a wide variety of the highest-quality, premium products for our dog. The prices are reasonable, the management team, and staff are so attentive, knowledgeable and very friendly. They treat our girl like a star!♥♥♥♥

Karen D. (Facebook Review)

This is my first time here. Super friendly staff who are very helpful! I came here early for the wellness pet food tour that they are hosting. They have a wide variety of holistic and healthy food and treats for your pet! I even saw soy collars and leashes! This store is super cool. Pet friendly so bring your dog. They also have a dog training room that looks awesome! I believe they do pet agility. I am thrilled with this store, I definitely recommend for healthy products and fun training classes for your dog! They even have grooming here. Very cool place!

Kori B. (Yelp Review)

This is a hidden gem of a pet store. Everyone that works there is very friendly and helpful. They have a plethora of supplies and toys and their pet food selection is outstanding. They will even try and special order something for you if they don’t carry it.I’m happy that we have such a great pet store locally.

Bob S. (Yelp Review)

I have been shopping for my pets here for many years and it’s the only place I will go to, because of the lowest prices, most knowledgeable, helpful staff, and the hugest selection of top quality pet products. Everyone who works here, from the owners, to the floor staff, to the stocking staff and cashiers is totally devoted to what they do.

Bonnie L. (Facebook Review)